The Loud Voice in My Heart

For quite some time I have had an urge to write. I didn’t know about what or even why, but it has been there. Life has felt so chaotic with a world-wide pandemic, constant barrage of election coverage here in the United States, not being able to work “normally” for the last 8 months…it has just been overwhelming and a bit crazy. Today, with a bit of peace and quiet along with a hot cup of coffee, I finally heard it. A very loud message from my heart to my head that I could hear clearly. The message as basic as it may be is ringing loud and true – “SIMPLIFY.” Now for me, I know it is likely to mean something very different than for any of you, but I found it worth sharing.

Why is this message so important? For me, according to my husband, I have been in a funk. I have been feeling like I have been missing something, like I may not being doing enough. What I really think about this message is quite the opposite — now is the time to put to rest some of life’s distractions and focus on what is most important. Truly focus and clean up the “extra” I have added to my life that may not really fit in to the life I want to live and want to share with the people that matter to me. So far, it has meant the cancellation of a number of memberships and subscriptions for those things I thought were important and I would get to “some day.” It is changing my standing schedule to eliminate time spent on what I am now willing to admit are nonsense activities as they were for other people and not really what I want. It is also putting to bed some projects that used to mean a lot to me that have lost meaning over time while focusing on the one or two that bring value and fulfillment to my life.

We all have a loud voice trying to direct us. If nothing else in this crazy time, take the time to find the quiet and listen to what yours is trying to tell you. It may be similar to mine or it could be completely different. All I know is that you owe it to yourself, like I do, to be true to yourself and find the path you are meant to be on.

One thought on “The Loud Voice in My Heart”

  1. That really resonates with me as well Steph. I’ve been struggling with that loud voice as well of being true to myself and finding the path I was meant for. I just wish the voice was a little more clear about the path it takes to get there. Thank you for writing and sharing.


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