About the Author

My name is Stephanie and I’m a 41 year old woman living in Kentucky with my husband, our dogs, and the other animals we have on our property.  In addition to being a wife, I am also an executive for a consulting company so some days I’m traveling around the country and some days I am working from my home office. I love to laugh with close friends and family, enjoy reading and learning, and dabble in photography when I’m so moved.  I am also more of an introvert than people realize and continue to find out new things about myself all the time.  I also do not take care of my health as much as I should, struggle with receiving criticism from the people closest to me, and at times, can be the biggest scaredy cat you ever saw. (Don’t ever ask me to watch a horror movie!)  I do try to be open minded, hate to see people struggle, and want others to find happiness and joy.  I think I’m like most other people and at times, have a way with words that may be helpful to others.  Welcome to the glimpse of my mid-life thoughts!

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