Looking Ahead Into 2017

It is the last day of another year, mere hours from the dawn of a new one. I have seen numerous postings on social media sites detailing why people are looking forward to the close of a  difficult year and then others, not looking forward to what lies ahead. We can’t change time. 2017 is going to come one way or another, but we all have the same opportunities tonight as we ring in the new year if we want it.

First, we can recognize we have all made it here, to this day.  Even though circumstances may vary, I believe we have all survived as life has thrown its many trials and tribulations our way this year. Some of the difficulties have been the completely unexpected curve balls of life and others, may have been the end result of our own making. Regardless of how they made their appearance in our life this past year, we persevered to see another New Year’s Eve.

Second, and I think more importantly, is what we do with the additional time we are fortunate to have been granted to stay here on this earth. We have another 365 days to change our present location in life and make it better for our families, our friends, our communities and for ourselves. The question really comes down to – what do you want to do with it?

For me personally, looking at the last year and everything that has come about, it really blows my mind. My life couldn’t have taken on a more different direction than I could have ever expected. As a healthcare consultant, would you think becoming a part-time goat farmer and helping raise goats would be in the cards? I certainly didn’t. It sounds a little crazy, but in many ways the absurdity of this year’s happenings give me a new perspective for 2017 to say there really isn’t much I should consider to be “off the table” for my goals and what I can achieve. If I want to do something and am willing to put in the planning and effort to make it happen, why couldn’t it?

I think understanding the potential of the new year is an important message for everyone. We are all capable of so much if we want to be. There are more than a few friends of mine that I am so unbelievably proud of how much they have accomplished in the past year. The changes they have made may not be something visible like deciding to help raise goats, but the transformations in their lives have been much deeper and more meaningful. I have seen women build and demonstrate their inner strength they didn’t know they had. I have watched confidence grow in people who previously did not think they had a voice worth hearing. I have talked to people who understand they were just letting life happen and really weren’t challenging themselves to grow as people and they now have in so many ways!

With all that said, 2017 is going to be here very soon. Consider the course you want 2017 to take for you. It could be something physical others can see like a job change or moving to a new city. It could also be something related to your financial or physical health. It could also be something more personal that that – it could be about the transformation you want to take within yourself like a perspective change, a more giving heart, adopting a positive attitude, or a life filled with gratitude. Please note, not once have I said the word resolution. I think this is something very different than resolving to do something.  This is looking ahead and recognizing the potential for the year and asking yourself where do you want to be when you look back on December 31, 2017.

I bid to all of you a Happy New Year and a view of a brand new horizon as you set your course for this year’s direction.  May this year be filled with blessings, good health, and personal growth for us all!

Happy New Year!




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