Mid Life…

Many of us dread reaching that part of our lives where we are now called middle aged.  We aren’t in our 20s anymore, we have more things to worry about, and if we haven’t taken care of ourselves, we have more aches and pains than we care to admit.  But not everyone makes it to middle age — should we be grateful for the opportunity to continue to live our lives each day surrounded by the things of our choosing?  I think so.

How we live everyday is a choice.  In recent years, I have come to a fortunate place where I have a loving husband, a job that most days I love with people I enjoy working with, and family and friends that I deeply care about, but as I look at the passing of time and my advancing age, I have been wondering “Is this it?  Is this my life for the next 20-40 years?”  I look around and even though I’m content with today, I can’t help but wonder what legacy will be left behind after I’m gone.  Will anyone know I was even here?  Could I do something more?  Should I do something more?

I recently had the fortunate luck to receive some very good advice from a recorded seminar by Jim Rohn.  The quote that got my attention was:

“What changes your world is not wishing for change, but changing.  It all begins with you.” 

This is my ultimate goal — changing my life, changing this world.  Dreaming bigger, encouraging others, and achieving the results I want for myself, my family and friends, my colleagues, and my community.  This blog is a way for me to post some lessons I learn along the way, share some of the wisdom I come across and maybe provide a laugh or a smile to someone else who can relate to some of the things I experience in my day to day.

I hope you enjoy and if you are so moved, you feel free to comment.

Have a great day!


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