Today is Our Time

I love a good day of hanging out on the couch, sitting with my husband and snuggling with my dog.  It is a time to appreciate my family, unwind, and just enjoy their presence.  We don’t even need to do anything special but be together.  But what about the rest of the day?  What am I going to do?  It is a question we ask ourselves every morning as we get up to face the day.  Sometime we groan as we have to go to work or just have an overwhelming day with a lot to do.  But what if we start the day with a different mindset?  The thought that today is our day. Today is our day to start the things we have wanted to do.  Today is our day to start to realize our potential. Today is our day to be great.  If we did, how much would that change our approach, and more importantly, the outcomes of the day?

We all have varying levels of commitments – family, work, friends. The one constant for us all though is time.  No matter what we do, we can’t make more or buy more time.  We all have the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  So if we are dealing with a limited amount of time and we desire to do great things, when are we going to do it?  Tomorrow is not guaranteed and you can not redo yesterday.  That leaves today.  Today is our time – yours and mine – to do what we are meant to do.  So when we look around at our things we “need” to do, I know I will look more closely and decide on what I have to do to stay employed and keep peace with my family.  But more importantly, I will look critically at the rest of my list and determine what are the things that can wait so I can make more time for the things that will get me to where I want to be.  Because you know what they say – “Starting is the hard part, but once you begin, the rest is easy.”

Wishing you the courage to just find a way to start – have a great day!


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